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Benefits Enrollment

After 2020- the enrollment season looks different than in past years - yet Enrollment Participation is still the goal!  Today's remote environment raises questions for employers, brokers and carriers about how to offer a personalized engaging enrollment experience in our new, virtual reality.  


As an independent organization, we have the flexibility to be carrier agnostic while our focus is customer centric.  We help maximize participation and enroll more employees in their worksite and voluntary benefits. We accomplish this by education, engagement and benefit enrollment consultation.  

Since 2004, our integrated solutions allow for communication that both engage, educate and empower employees so they understand the value of the benefits available to them and their families.


We partner with you to create a customized virtual enrollment environment, including:

  • Pre Enrollment Communication

  • Virtual Presentations

  • One-on-One assisted telephonic enrollments

  • Post enrollment communication


Call us to find out how we can help you with your next worksite insurance benefit enrollment.

Pre Enrollment Communication
Businesswoman on Phone
Phone Operator
Young Family
Doctor with Files
Woman with Computer
Successful Work Team


Things Happen.

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